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The prologue to a dramatization of the life-story of the revered woman known as Nangsa Obum usually contains the tale of Tara.  The reason for this association is: 

In the province of  Tibet called Tsang lived a devoted man and his wife. Every single day, with no thought of worldly gain, they would sing the praises to Tara and in the evening, do 100,000  repetitions of her mantra.  One night the woman, Nyantsa Sedron, had the following dream: 

In the Holy Realm of Turquoise Leaves
from above a jeweled throne of blazing conch-white leaves,
from the syllable TAM in the heart of Tara
 (mother of the Conquerors.
mother of the Buddhas of the three times, protector from all terrors)
light radiated forth.  It entered through the top of my head,
it traveled down the central channel, I dreamed
that it dissolved in the center of my heart.
In my body a lotus flower grew,
I dreamed that dakinis made offerings to its stem.
From all directions there gathered a host of bees;
I dreamed they were satiated with its nectar. . . .  .

Her husband Kunzang Dechen, tells her [and us] that her dream means that Tara will incarnate into their family for the lotus will grow: 

. . . into the foremost of all dakinis. 
The gathering of a host of bees from all directions 
and their finding a promised treasure of nectar
are signs that she will serve the aims of beings,
all the hosts, pure and impure, whom she will take in hand
with body, speech, and mind.

and so in their old age a daughter was born to them in the Year of the Earth Male Horse.

~ Stephen Beyer.  The Cult of Tara:  Magic and Ritual in Tibet, 57.


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