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Travel and Cultural Links, see also Tibet Links


Mediaeval garments Marc Carlson



clothes to take, Erlewine's experience

Himalayan trekking MyHimalayas, Carsten Nebel (2000) text and photos.


Democracy in India at least as early as 350 BCE

Exotic India prices for comparison

Harrapa Indus Valley civilization, its language and culture

Indian Railways, New Delhi main office

Lonely Planet India travel info

Sari How to wear one, history,  Chantale Boulanger

"Taj Mahal" was TejoMahalaya (text of the paper by P. N. Oak)




Search the Kyoto Museum database.


virtual Mongol cultural (Japanese-English)

Govt. of Mongolia

Khalkha Jetsun Dampa Rinpoche Taranatha's Jonang lineage


Trekking in Nepal dangers, etc.

Muktinath.Org preserving a great Hindu - Buddhist pilgrimage site

Nepal Asian Studies Australian WWW virtual library

 Sri Lanka

Images of Ceylon


Customs and Culture of Vietnam Ann Caddell Crawford.


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