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84000 cooperative Translation project to enable global access to the Buddha's teachings

Omniglot link is to Sanskrit, but the site is rich in all scripts and tongues.

Omniglot Tibetan.

Indology site  UCL, London, UK

Martindale Center, forms of Chinese

Scripts and Fonts

Acharya  The scripts of India, ancient and modern

ACIP  release IV  Tenjur and Kanjur: Tibetan classics 

Nitartha for a Tibetan font download


What does it really mean?

Free Translation: some European languages from English, and v.v.

Online Sanskrit dictionary  U. Cologne [Harvard-Kyoto key]

Digital Dictionary of Buddhism English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, some Tibetan

Buddhasasana  Vietnamese, links to Cambodian, etc.

Lotsawa [translator] is an email list about the Tibetan language

Rangjung Yeshe Dharma Dictionary:  <link to "Palace" page.

Online Tibetan to English translation tool.

Tibetan Dictionary User's email list

Transliterate Sanskrit letters "rollover"

Sino-Tibetan Etymological Dictionary & Thesaurus at UCLA Berkeley.

Aspects of Translating Tibetan into English,  1995 conference.

Institute of Tibetan Classics Thubten Jinpa, Ph.D.



Bernie Simon's "Guenthersaurus" compares various translated usages 

Glossary of Buddhist terms  Carleton U., Ottawa

Namo Buddha Glossary of Buddhist Terminology



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