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A Variety of Buddhist Sites

Access to Insight Pali sutras [sutta] 

Anagarika Dhammapala (David Hewavitharana, b. 1864) a pioneer monk.

Buddhanet  Chinese, some English

Buddhist Peace Fellowship new Western Mahayana, Aitken roshi

Buddhist Studies Prof. Epstein at SFSU  "Respect for Buddhist texts"

Buzen Shingon temple 1000-arm Chenresi [Kannon] Japanese, English

On Dereification by Robert J. Moore: conversion to Buddhism The sunyata ("Emptiness") experience

Derrida and Nagarjuna deconstructing Buddhism, 12 links

Dharma the Cat beloved Buddhist cartoon

do-not-zzz  creative Kodaiji Zen temple site

Friends of the Western Buddhist Order

Fundamental Buddhism  Pali canon [English, Spanish, Thai]

Gateless Passage dharma in prison, meditation instruction: K Walpole

GayBuddhist.org  a.k.a. Gay Buddhist Fellowship

Journal of Buddhist Ethics Pali Canon

Kyudo Zen archery, mindfulness

Living Dharma Mahayana, Thich Nhat Han, Japanese traditions, etc.

Mahasiddhas, some of the 84 according to Keith Dowman

Monastic Code pratimoksha, monk's conduct in Pali tradition

Monkey analysis of Waley's version of Chinese Buddhist animal tales

Myanmar Life of Buddha explanation of the Perfections and former Buddhas

Nibbana.com  Theravada [Myanmar (Burma)] via UK

Nyingma Centers  Tarthang Tulku

Order of Buddhist Contemplatives Shasta Abbey founder Jiyu-Kennett

Plum Village Unified Buddhist Church, Thich Nhat Han Zen tradition

Qi Gong as taught at Shao Lin Song Shan [monastery,] Northern China  

Sakyadhita  Buddhist Women

Shao Lin American master; scroll to philosophy:  3 Pillars and kwoon

Shao Lin  authentic Chinese lineage of PBS video, M. Shi De Quian

Shingon, Jodo-Shinshu: Amitabha and Amitayus devotion exclusively

Shingon On Mark Productions,  Japanese mantrayana, mandalas

Tara Dhatu dance

Theravada Net

Tree of Enlightenment  P. Della Santina in Chica, California

Tricycle Review

Tzu Chi / TsuChi worldwide Buddhist charity

Vietnamese and English:  Buddhism Today


Daily Zen quotes and koans

Zen Documents and Writings WWW Virtual Library, ed. M. Ciolek

Zen Mountain Monastery "Mountains and Rivers Order"  Woodstock, NY

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