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Sutra (and some other) texts, online

Most on-line translations are from the Pali, but not all.


"Amitabha SutraMahasukhavativyuha

"Amitayus Sutra" Lesser Sukhavativyuha

Anguttara Nikaya key points of Pali scripture according to numbers

Asian Classics Input Project  Tibetan texts. Since 2011 you have to sign up

Diamond-cutter  Vajrachedika, Ch'an/Zen

Heart Sutra Eric Larson's site: 18 pps. Tibetan (Ladakhi) English + sound files.

Heart Sutra competent Sanskrit translator despite Theosophical context.

Jataka Tales of former lives of Buddha

Kindness of Parents from pangs of birth onward, they afford us opportunity

Kshitagarbha Sutra bodhisattva's role: descent to Yamaloka [land of the dead]

Lankavatara Sutra on reality as illusion or figments of the mind

Lekha Sutta 3 types of people - let anger go

Lion's Roar Buddha's teaching

Lion's Roar of Queen Shrimala

Lotus Sutra (Saddharma Pundarika) concept of numerous buddhas, "skillful means," famous parables

Mahaniddana  12 links

Maha-parinibbana Sutra  The Buddha's Last Days

Samannaphala Fuits of the Contemplative Life; Mindfulness, meditation

Shurangama on desire and its relation with consciousness

Sigalovada Sutta To Sigala who asks how an ordinary person ought to behave

Smaller Sukhavati-viyuha   Amitayus - longevity

Sutra on Contemplation of Amitayus

Sutta-Nipata Discourse Collection extracts from various sutras 

[Maha-]Sukhavati Viyuha Amitabha

Vimalakirti Nirdesa the bodhisattva's buddha-field, R. Thurman trans.


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