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A Short Seven-Branch Prayer 

(Recited before teachings.)

Dorje Lopon Sangye Pel, 

Dusum Zhug La Cha Tsel Lo.

Chog Sum Tenpa Shir Kyur La, 

Nyimeh Yikyi Kyabsum Chi.

Ngojor Yikyi Namtrul Teh, 

Dakpei Chopa Shesu Sol.

Ngodrup Chuwo Chopai Gek

Nyeche Malu Shagpar Gyi,

Chog Chu Kor Sum Dag Pai Cho,

Ma Chang Chola Je Yi Rang,

Dagpa Tashi Drima Meh,

Dzogpai Jangchub Semkye Do,

Desheg Jangchub Sempa La,

Dagpa Sumkyi  Lubul Lo,

Sherab Drangway Gewa Nam,

Duneh Jangchub Chogtu Ngo.


We bow to the teacher imbued with the glory of Buddhas of the Three Times.

Grounded in the Doctrine of the Three Jewels, we take refuge with no thoughts of duality.

Accept these real and imagined offerings given with pure motivation.

We confess without exception all our wrongdoings since they impede the flow of Accomplishment.

We delight in the practice of activity in all Ten Direction, unimpeded by the Three Hindrances and without any thought for outcomes.

We generate pure bodhicitta, untainted by the Four Extreme views.  

We offer the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas our own bodies that comprise the Three Pure Substances.

We share the accumulated merit we have acquired in our series of lives, and dedicate it to the objective that is Supreme Awakening.

~ attributed to HH the 14th Dalai Lama


A Short Seven-Branch Prayer:  This is the format combining the request to teach, and the "Dedication of Merit" that is essential to any Buddhist school that espouses the Mahayana view.  There are a variety of these 7-limb or 7-branch prayers.  Some are part of the liturgy of a particular denomination; others are used by many different ones.  Also, every centre, teacher, or occasion may require a different or preferred one.  


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