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This is an extensive, complex web site with over 9,000 links, both internal and external.  To help you find what you need, we use a Google Search Form.  Also, each page has a heading of quick links.  Links to related pages usually appear at the foot of a page. 

1.  You can donate any amount to help support Khandro.Net by using the PayPal button

2.  You can also help by buying books through this site.  We are associated with (for new books of general interest) and with Namse Bangdzo (for most dharma books.)  We choose only the most authoritative texts and locate them for you.  Titles in bold red italics, > bolded link to a corresponding item at Amazon (general works) or NamseBangdzo.    You can also mention that you found the book via Khandro.Net

means a suggestion not in the main article.   indicates a DVD.

  3.  You can buy and/or bid on vintage toys & other interesting things on eBay from the store called Ymagyk with listings by "Ymagykal."


Why support this web site?

Khandro.Net strives to be of benefit by contributing to mutual understanding, which can engender peace in our world.  It also functions as support for Buddhists,  especially  those just starting out and those who are isolated.  According to statistical analysis , visitors from all walks of life all over the world come here each day.   There are millions of web sites; in May 2008, we ranked as high as 78, 000 in the world!
Khandro Net costs over $1,000 each year to maintain.  

1. We need to pay to renew our web address license once a year.

2. We need to pay our server, a company that can reliably host this extensive site and bring you our pages as fast as any site on the net.

3. We need continually to update our security.  This site comes under attack from some international organizations as well as individual pranksters.

4.  To ensure the reliable link with our server, we need to pay for communication services. 


This amount does not include the work of reading, compiling, editing, designing and writing.

From  Feb. 21/06 to Mar. 22/06, we  received more than 815,000 visitors.  That is more than 27,000 hits per day.  And visitors don't just come and go, but read for about 10 minutes each time. 

Did you know that loads faster than 85% of all web sites?

More than 65% of visitors come from the USA, Canada, & UK, and 18% from India.  The rest are "other international" and half of  those are "unknown."

In Feb. 2004 alone, we had 290 attempts at sabotage and these attempts are on the rise. 





Thank you for your help, no matter the amount.  If you do not already use PayPal, consider joining -- it is a very efficient, secure method, and it's much easier than sending a cheque.  You can also use major credit cards with PayPal.

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