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The Prelude to Precious Teacher

The Blue Jewel

Indrabodhi, King of Udyana, had 108 queens, both wives and consorts, but none was the mother of a son.  Therefore, on the 15th day of the first summer month, he held a great tsok [feast-offering].  After reading aloud the sutra called the Cloud of Dharma, he vowed to distribute his wealth to all the citizens of the land.  He hoped that by this act of great generosity, a son would come to be born in his palace.

The king's almsgiving took a few years, but his purse was empty before the last beggar could be satisfied.  Determined to accomplish his objective, he remembered that the Nagas had a chintamani -- a wish-fulfilling jewel

He had a great ship prepared with a trusty captain to sail her, and while his courtiers wailed, he set off upon the great ocean.  The ship had four great sails that could be directed to the four quarters from where the winds blow.  It weathered the storms, sat patiently at anchor when becalmed, until finally mountains of gold, silver and lapis lazuli rose up before it.

Then the King and his sea captain took a shallow boat to the golden sands where a marvelous castle stood, framed by the precious mountains.  The experienced captain instructed the King:

This castle which is made of the all the various precious substances is surrounded by a 7 rings of lakes.   Between each ring, and also in the water, are all manner of creatures.  Some are fierce and dangerous, so try to cultivate bodhicitta as you go and they will not harm you. 

In the centre is a wall of iron with four gates minded by a naga girl, a nagini.  Beg admittance and then use the vajra knocker on the door, and you will gain entrance to the wonderful palace.

Once inside, you will encounter a company of devis who will offer you gifts of various gems; do not speak to them, but proceed to the next door.

Knock, and a bluish nagini bedecked in jewels called Lovely Maiden will open that door for you.  Tell her your story and she will give you the great blue gem from her crown that shines with the 5-coloured rays.  Tuck it away carefully in your sleeve, and return immediately here, to me and the ship.  

The King did as his experienced advisor had told him and, by the power of the magical gem, he found himself back at the captain's side.  Just like ....... that!

In their little boat, they returned to the ship filled with anxious retainers in the same amazing way.  The weight of the devis gifts was so great, that the skillful captain had to reject the stones of lesser value, dumping them over the side so that the ship could safely set sail for home.

The Lotus

Out on the wide water, far from any shore, there was an island.  On the island grew an unusually large multi-colored lotus flower.  In the center of this lotus, on its domed and puffy core, sat a happy child not more than eight years old.

He was very special in appearance, having the marks of a buddha on his body, and he played with a dorje and a smaller lotus flower

How did he get there?

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