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Sources for the symbolism section, Meaning in Myth 

The articles in this web site are the result of over 25 years' experience of travel, research, and teaching in the Humanities at college and university levels.  Parenthetical or other forms of citation are not given within the text so as not to tempt anyone by providing opportunity for plagiarism.  

Where the source is cited on a particular page, the item might not also appear here.

The list is not inclusive and not regularly updated.  Since Jan. 2006, some general texts, when still in print, are linked to  but this might be to a more recent edition than the one cited. 

Books on Tibetan Buddhism are mostly linked to Namse Bangdzo.  Names of Buddhist lamas do not appear here unless a conventionally published work has been used.  Look for those links, and other specialized books, in the pages relating to teachings, etc.


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 _____________* . The Mythic Image.

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____________ .  The Masks of God: Oriental Mythology.

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Holt, Helen B.  Professor (Retired, 2006) of Humanities: Champlain College, St-Lambert/Longueuil, Quebec, Canada. 

        New Dimensions of Consciousness; Human Aspects of Modern Technology;

Meaning in Movement; Cultural Impact of Science; Clothing: The Bare Essentials;

        Mythologies; Knowledge, Belief and Prejudice; Buddhism and Christianity; Ethics. 


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* : _________ is used in MLA format to indicate the same author as previous item.

Some sources: Articles on Buddhism are the product of personal study and practice, mainly in the Karma Kagyu tradition.  See also, Links.

The segment on symbolism and mythology is dedicated to Mrs. Lancey,  who taught the importance of research method at Westmount Junior High School (then on Academy Road) in Montreal, Quebec in the 1950's and 60's.  It is also for the hundreds of students who have contributed to these interesting topics as a result of the excellence of that method.

Revised: March 06, 2012.

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