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Languages, Legends, Teaching Tales, and Stories

  • About the Language and Literature of Tibet.
  • Stories Menu Jataka tales, legends, myths, and fables are scattered all through this site.  It would be difficult to catalogue them all here, but we can try!
  1. Acts of the Buddha Ashvaghosha via Cowell

  2. The Nun Who Wanted a Beautiful Name
  3. Padmasambhava: Precious Teacher a work in progress

4.  The Horse-Lord

6.   Manimekhala: Two versions

7.   A Tale of Two Deities

8.  Reflections on a Dog's Tooth inspired by Laurence Durrell

9. Not to use intoxicants Wonder why this is one of the fundamental lay precepts ?

10. Stirred by a Demon or "She doesn't know what she's saying!"

11. The Meritorious Frog & The Country Frog and the City Frog

12. The Hare and the Lion

13.  Guilty Dogs

14.  A Seer of Rice

15. The Deer King

16. Sweeping

17. A Dog's Tooth

18. Silverglow's Selfless Generosity 

19. Patachara:  A Tragedy

20. The Yogi Who Wanted to Go to Prison


  • The hero Pema Woebar.
  • The Shambala legend from Kalachakra commentary by Mip'ham [scroll down to see links to the 1st  "public text".]
  • Gesar of Ling, and other folktales at the Crosby-Lundin site.


Several of these stories are unfinished or unpolished. Please do not print out more than one example if you would like to take something away from your screen.  Also, even though they are unpolished, still they are protected under international copyright laws concerning artistic and intellectual property. 


Precious Teacher is truly a work-in-progress with all the writer's notes.  There may be inaccuracies, duplication and inconsistencies since the text comes from various sources that are translations, and each has used a different system for spelling Tibetan words.  

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