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Fair use Cornell U. view of copyright law

Computer Etiquette 

Netiquette U. Cal.

email list etiquette Should you say Hi and Yours truly ?


General Interesting Sites  

Adherents  How many [Buddhists] are there in ... ?

Ageing What do we know about it?

Alchemy neo-alchemy P. Williams looks at European mandala-like images

alchemy and its symbolism

Antique coins Edgar L. Owen's gallery

Arms, antique

Art U. Michigan [western] art history


Bad Astronomy how movies get it wrong

Book of the Heart:  Eric Jaeger's history of equating heart with memory, etc.

Castaneda: illusory "shamanic tradition."

Castles history and construction, Wales [Europe]

Catacombs of Paris: ossuary beneath the streets of Paris, once a Roman quarry

CBC radio Tapestry (Religion & Spirituality) archives

Chinese knotting   4bao, flower, dragonfly 

Costume and Dress Online  links

Curves, famous mathematical curves

Expose4 Trimondi, sex in Buddhism

Internet Archive books, audio files (incl. Naropa U.)

Flags Vexillography

geomancy feng shui - auspicious dates or places

geomancy European and other ['luckymojo' c/o Cat Yronwode]

Gods in Space  Richard Hoagland's mission is not easily dismissed 

Gypsies English/Romani site called Patrin ; Ch. 5: slavery/pariahs

History of International Migration 

History, Korean H. Project, China, Japan, etc. award site

Hubble space telescope images put a perspective on things

Indigenous Peoples a. k. a "first nations," "natives," or aboriginals:  history, mythology 

Indus Valley civilization slides, engravings, South Asia before 1947

Jades in "Gem Rocks" at U. Mich.

Karelianism:  Finnish art and lit., Kalevala  

mandalas posters of authentic mandalas (Nyingmapa)

Maple Syrup: Scroll down for Notes, 1977.

Meaning of Life Flash animation (Camilla Eriksson) of Eric Idle (of Monty Python) song

Metaverse language construction kit, comix

Mind over Matter a step in an interesting direction

Mourning:  the opparis, music 

New Age Is anti-semitism an essential part?

Psychoanalysis:  Fort Da journal -- reality, language games and Me

Shao Lin temple site [ N. China ].  See other Buddhist Links

James Randi vs. quackery of all kinds including 'traditional' medicine

Rating the Guru  Sarlo's pages -- for entertainment

Sadhus: Holy Men of India , Dolph Hartsuiker, author.

Photos of Indian sadhus, of Tibet and Nepal by Bubriski. 

Shao Lin martial arts temple

Shooting of Dan's Guru M. Horowitz (1996) still funny

Shurato Japanese comix, fr.

Snow: Giles Galahad's collection of snow vocabulary among the Inuit or why some languages have more words for states of consciousness.  Does the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis have any basis?

Swami Shyam article from The Globe and Mail, Mar. 3, 2001

Tarot McLennan, "Pythagorean" quite complete

Tree-sitter Julie Is Luna, the California redwood, a sentient being?

Velikovsky cosmology and cosmogony meet, summaries of mythologists 


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